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本文摘要:XXX有限公司与YYY有限公司互助协议书Cooperation Agreement between XXX Co., Ltd. and YYY Co., Ltd.甲方: XXX有限公司地址:电话:传真:Party A: XXX Co., Ltd.Address:Tel.:Fax: 乙方: YYY有限公司地址:电话:传真:Party B: XXX Co., Ltd.Address:Tel.:Fax:双方本着互惠互利的原则,经协商就甲方委托乙方作为泰国渠道商告竣以下协议:In


XXX有限公司与YYY有限公司互助协议书Cooperation Agreement between XXX Co., Ltd. and YYY Co., Ltd.甲方: XXX有限公司地址:电话:传真:Party A: XXX Co., Ltd.Address:Tel.:Fax: 乙方: YYY有限公司地址:电话:传真:Party B: XXX Co., Ltd.Address:Tel.:Fax:双方本着互惠互利的原则,经协商就甲方委托乙方作为泰国渠道商告竣以下协议:In the principle of mutual benefit, both parties hereto reached the following Agreement upon the negotiation that Party B is entrusted as the Thailandn channel vendor by Party A:一、乙方的义务及应遵守的划定I.Party B’s obligations and regulations to follow1.1 乙方应尽一切努力在泰国整个国家推广和销售该产物;1.1 Party B shall make every effort to promote and sell the products throughout Thailand;1.2 乙方应保持有日常的谋划所在,数量富足及经由培训的人员在区域内向客户提供令甲方满足的充实的销售、市场和售后服务;1.2 Party B shall maintain the adequate places of daily business and trained personnel in the region to provide the sufficient sales, marketing and after-sales services to the satisfaction of Party A;1.3 乙方应配备至少5销售人员专职卖力甲方产物的销售、配备至少3名经由甲方认证的工程师,确保能够快速解决最终客户的现场问题,这是焦点署理商和高级署理商不行推卸的责任;1.3 Party B shall provide at least 5 full time salespersons to be responsible for the sales of Party A's products and at least 3 engineers certified by Party A to ensure the prompt resolution of the on-site problems of the final customers. This is the inescapable responsibility for the core agents and senior agents;1.4 对客户的索赔,乙方应配合甲方配合审视酌情负担赔偿责任,确保快速高效地解决用户现场问题,为客户提供满足的售后服务和方案;1.4 For the customers’ claim, Party B shall cooperate with the Party A to jointly review and assume the appropriate compensation, so as to ensure the rapid and efficient resolution of the users’ on-site problems, and to provide customers with the satisfactory after-sales service and programs;1.5乙方可以开发属于自己的下线经销商,乙方要卖力羁系,确保下线经销商要遵守甲方制订的相关政策及划定来举行推广和销售事情。下线经销商的一切违规责任将由乙方自行全部负担;1.5 Party B may develop its own subordinate distributors, and Party B shall be responsible for supervision to ensure that the subordinate distributors to comply with the relevant policies and regulations formulated by Party A to carry out promotion and sales work. All the violation liabilities of the subordinate distributors shall be borne entirely by Party B;1.6 在互助期间,乙方应根据甲方要求保持甲方产物的基本库存量,并负担所有用度。

如产物存货量少于基本库存量的20%,乙方应在15 个事情日之内根据本条划定下新订单补齐。双方可通过书面协议形式调整基本库存量;1.6 During the period of cooperation, Party B shall keep the basic stock of Party A's products according to the request of Party A and bear all the expenses. If the product inventory is less than 20% of the basic inventory, Party B shall, within 15 working days, place the new order to replenish in accordance with the provisions of this Article. Both parties may adjust the basic stock quantity through written agreement;1.7乙方应每月10前以书面形式通知甲方有关市场情况、乙方当月的销售运动、下三个月的销售数量预测及丢失项目的相关资料等,以便甲方后续跟进、相识情况和制定相应对策;1.7 Party B shall, prior to the 10th day of each month, notify Party A of the relevant market situation, the sales activity of Party B in the current month, the forecast of the sales volume of the next three months and the relevant information of the lost items, etc. in writing, so as to facilitate Party A’s follow-up, understanding the situation and formulation of the corresponding countermeasures;1.8 乙方如发现在泰国地域有对甲方产物、商标、版权举行冒充侵犯等现象或行为应实时通知甲方;1.8 In the event that Party B has found the counterfeiting and infringement issues or behaviors of Party A's products, trademarks and copyrights in Thailand, it shall promptly inform Party A;1.9 乙方必须遵守甲方的价钱体系,不得从事任何可能扰乱产物正常市场价钱的行为,不得销售冒充甲方产物、损害甲方利益;1.9 Party B shall abide by Party A's price system and shall not engage in any acts that may disturb the normal market price of the products. Party B shall not sell counterfeit Party A’s products and harm Party A's interests.1.10 未经甲方确认、允许和存档,乙方不得擅自接纳甲方的商标及公司标识印制手刺,不行在手刺上泛起未经甲方许可的渠道商抬头,不行在手刺上泛起其他和贵品牌的商标或标识;1.10 Without Party A's acknowledgment, permission and filing, Party B shall not use Party A's trademark and company logo to print business cards arbitrarily. It shall neither make the title of channel vendor on the name card without the permission of Party A, nor make other trademarks or logos of Hegui brand on the name card;1.11 不得泄漏甲方的保密资料及商业情报、进价及本协议等;1.11 It shall not disclose Party A's confidential information and business intelligence, purchase price and this Agreement, etc.;1.12其他乙方应该遵守的甲方的划定。1.12 Other regulations of Party A that Party B shall comply with.二、甲方的权利和义务II. Rights and Obligations of Party A2.1甲方将向乙方提供一年一次的产物销售有关的技术支持和人员培训。

2.2Party A shall provide Party B with the technical support and personnel training related to product sales once a year.2.2 甲方将应乙方要求派出代表,免费协助乙方举行技术交流会等销售推广运动;2.2 Party A shall, on the request of Party B, dispatch a representative to assist Party B in organizing the sales promotion activities including the technical exchange meeting free of charge;2.3 甲方应卖力起草并印制所有为产物市场推广和销售所必须的资料,包罗产物先容、技术手册、安装及使用技术手册等;2.3 Party A shall be responsible for drafting and printing all necessary information for product marketing and sales, including product introduction, technical manual, installation and use, technical manuals, etc.;2.4 甲方应制定合理、有竞争力的价钱方案,并实时将新产物信息、产物技术升级、价钱调整等信息通知乙方;2.4 Party A shall formulate the reasonable and competitive price plans and inform Party B of new product information, product technology upgrades and price adjustments in a timely manner.2.5 甲方卖力产物的质量问题,对于乙方提出的质量投诉甲方应协助乙方实时解决并给出相关的书面回应;2.5 Party A shall be responsible for the quality issues of the products and Party A shall assist Party B for the timely resolution and give the relevant written response for the quality complaint proposed by Party B;2.6 甲方将有选择地向乙方提供市场需求及询价信息;2.6 Party A shall selectively provide market demand and inquiry information to Party B;三、保证金、订单、交付、价钱及付款方式III.Deposit, order, delivery, price and payment method3.1 乙偏向甲方预交美金50万为保证金,一年后无任何服务问题一次返还保证金!3.1 Party B shall make the advance payment of 500,000 US Dollars as the deposit, which shall be returned in one time after one year if there are no any service issues!3.2 乙方应凭据甲方要求的法式和手续向甲方提交书面的产物订单。甲方在以书面形式接受和确认乙方的采购订单后,甲方受订单条款划定的约束;3.2 Party B shall, in accordance with the procedures and formalities required by Party A, submit the written product orders to Party A. After Party A’s acceptance and confirmation of Party B's purchase order in written form, Party A shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the order.3.3 甲方在收到乙方订单并确认后,应根据订单要求组织货物的相关物流事情;3.3 Party A shall, upon receipt and confirmation of Party B's order, organize the relevant logistics work of the goods in accordance with the order requirements;3.4 甲方应凭据价钱单或甲方发出的价钱变化通知书的价钱向乙方销售产物。

甲方特此保留在原质料的价钱颠簸情况下对价钱单做出调整的权利;3.4 Party A shall sell products to Party B in accordance with the price list or the price change notice issued by Party A. Party A hereby reserves the right to make adjustments to the price list in case of price fluctuations of raw materials;3.5 对于任何产物的现行价钱发生任何变更,甲方同意将在价钱变更生效日前十五天以书面通知的形式见告乙方。变更生效日后所收到的所有订单都将适用变更后的新价钱。

甲答应在价钱变更生效日前收到的所有订单都将适用原有的价钱。3.5 For any change of the current price of any products, Party A agrees to inform Party B in writing fifteen days prior to the effective date of the price change. All new orders received after the effective date of the change will be subject to the changed new price. Party A promises that all orders received prior to the effective date of the price change shall apply to the original price.3.6 乙方需在甲方发货前,按条约总金额全款以现金、支票、电汇方式转入甲方指定的账户,或开立以甲方为受益人的不行打消(不附带任何条件)的即期信用证,甲方收到乙方提供的有效汇款证明后便会摆设备货;3.6 Party B shall, prior to the delivery by Party A, transfer the total amount of the contract in full by cash, check or telegraphic transfer to the account designated by Party A or issue the irrevocable sight letter of credit (without any conditions) with the beneficiary of Party A. Upon the receipt of the valid proof of remittance from Party B, Party A will arrange the goods preparation;3.7 甲方在收到乙方的全数货款后摆设发货事宜,如因乙方未能实时付款而导致发货延误,甲方将不会负担任何责任。

3.7 Party A shall arrange for the delivery matters after receipt of the full payment of Party B; in the event that the delivery is delayed as Party B’s failing to make payment in time, Party A shall not be held liable.3.8 非甲方因素,乙方在订单确认后需要变换或者取消订单的,甲方将视订单生产进度收取10% - 15%的订单取消用度。3.8 In the event that Party B needs to change or cancel the order after confirming the orders not because of the Party A’s factors, Party A shall charge 10% to 15% cancellation fee depending on the order and production progress.四、保密IV. Confidentiality未经甲方书面同意,乙方不得以复制、记载或其他方式向任何第三方泄露本协议以及双方互助历程中涉及的商业秘密(包罗但不限于甲方产物价钱以及渠道商、最终用户的信息)。

乙方应在本协议有效期内以及本协议终止后两1年内遵守本保密义务。Without the written consent of Party A, Party B shall not disclose this Agreement and trade secret (including but not limited to the price of Party A's products and the information of channel vendors and end users) involved in the cooperation process of both parties by means of copy, record or other means. Party B shall comply with this confidentiality obligation within the validity period of this Agreement and within 1 year after the termination of this Agreement.五、违反协议V. Violation of Agreement双方必须配合遵守以上协议,特别是对于价钱、经销规模及相关操守,如有违反以上任何条款,甲方有权作出警告,若乙方在受警告后仍不作改善,甲方有权取消乙方的署理资格。Both parties hereto shall abide by the above Agreement, especially for the price, distribution scope and related conducts; in case there are any violations of the above terms, Party A has the right to warn, and if Party B does not make any improvements after the warning, Party A has the right to cancel Party B's agent qualifications.六、协议有效期及终止VI. Agreement Validity Period and Termination本协议有效期自 2019年1月1日 至 2019年12月31日止。

This Agreement is valid for the period from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.6.1 任何一方均有权在提前30日书面通知对方而无故终止本协议;6.1 Either Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement without cause with the written notice to the other party 30 days in advance;6.2 如乙方严重违反本协议的任何条款,且未能于甲方书面通知要求推行未完成之义务后的十天内纠正该违约或其无能力作出纠正则甲方可终止本协议;6.2 In case that Party B seriously violates any provision of this Agreement and fails to correct the default or incapable to correct within 10 days after written notice of failure to perform the obligation by Party A, Party A may terminate this Agreement;6.3 在发生以下任何情况时,甲方有权在向乙方发出终止通知后,以相应原因为由终止本协议,并立刻生效6.3 In any of the following circumstances, Party A shall have the right to terminate this Agreement on the ground of the corresponding reasons after issuing a notice of termination to Party B and shall take immediate effect;6.4 乙方解体、清算、破产或控制权变换;6.4 Party B has the dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy or change of control power;6.5 乙方资不抵债;6.5 Party B is insolvent;6.6 未经甲方书面同意,乙方试图转让本协议的全部或某部门的;6.6 Without Party A's written consent, Party B has attempted to assign all or part of this Agreement;6.7 乙方提交任何欺骗性或其明知是虚假的陈诉、报表或其他要求,举行财政报销、退款或信用生意业务的。6.7 Party B submits any fraudulent or knowingly false reports, statements or other requirements for the purpose of financial reimbursement, refund or credit transaction.6.8 在本协议终止或不再续期时,双方均应遵守和推行以下各项义务:6.8In case of the termination or discontinuity of this Agreement, both Parties shall comply with and perform the following obligations:6.9 乙方应向甲方偿付其欠甲方的所有款子;6.9 Party B shall pay to Party A all amounts owed to Party A;6.10 乙方应向甲方送还甲方在本协议项下向其提供的所有规格和任何性质的其他文件和保密信息6.10 Party B shall return to Party A all other documents and confidential information of all specifications and any nature provided to Party A under this Agreement;6.11 协议终止后的一年内,乙方不得以低于市场最低限价销售任何甲方产物。

6.11 Within one year after the termination of the Agreement, Party B shall not sell any Party A’s Products below the market minimum price.七、争议解决VII.Dispute Resolution双方应当尽最大努力接纳直接而友好的方式协商解决与本条约有关的可能泛起的争议,分歧或问题。Both Parties shall make their best endeavors to resolve any disputes, differences or problems that may arise in relation to this Contract through direct and friendly negotiation.双方有关本条约或与条约有关的争议,如未能通过协商解决的,双方同意向甲方所在地的人民法院提起诉讼解决。


In case that both parties fail to settle the disputes in relation to this contract or contracts through the negotiations, both parties agree to bring a lawsuit to the people's court at the place where Party A is located for settlement.八、其它VIII. Other附件为本协议不行支解之部门,与本协议具有同等执法效力。未尽事宜,双方应另行协商订立增补协议。The appendix is an integral part of this Agreement and shall have the same legal effect as this agreement. For any unaccomplished matter, both parties shall enter into a supplemental agreement through consultation separately.本协议壹式贰份,自甲、乙双方签字并盖章后生效。This agreement is in duplicate, and shall be effective after signed and sealed by Party A and Party B.。