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每一个企业组织,无论是生产商批发商还是零售商,都要从此外供货商那里购置种种原质料,服务或货物,以支持企业的运作。Every organization, whether it is a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, buys materials, services, and supplies from outside suppliers to support its operation. 缺乏富有成效的采购,公司的运作就会陷入杂乱,客户服务水平也会下降,恒久的客户关系就会受损,任何产物在生产之前,切合相关条件的种种供应物必须到位。

幸运的是,高层治理人员,已认识到采购所起到的潜在的推行动用,并接纳了须要的措施,确保其取得良好的效果。Without effective purchasing practices, operations in a firm may be disrupted, customer service levels may fall, and long-term customer relationship may be damaged. Before any product can be manufactured, supplies meeting certain conditions must be available. Fortunately, progressive man-agers have recognized these potential contributions of purchasing and have taken the necessary steps to ensure results.采购司理:Purchasing manager.购置原质料:Buy raw materials.外部供应商:Outside suppliers.供应链治理:Supply chain management成本结构:Cost structure购置的货物和服务:Purchased goods and services生产历程:Manufacturing process生产设备:Production equipment成本优势:Cost advantages组成部件:Component parts切合质量尺度:Meet quality standards制品:Finished goods物流采购题 Come on!1. Purchasing contributes the firm's efficiency and effectiveness in many ways . A. for B. to C.from D.on2. In the average manufacturing firm in North America, purchased goods and services accout approximately 55 cents of every sales dollar.A.to B.from C.for D.in3.A warehouse manager will have to minimize time on responding to demand and errors in dispatches. A . spending B . to spend C . spent D.spend4. You should keep her of what is going on here. A. informing B. informed C. to inform D. inform 5. He always wants everything in a hurry.A. done B.doing C.to do D.do6. A sales tax is a percentage to any item by customers.A.charging,buy B. charged, bought C.charged,buying D. charge, bought7. They watched the satellites slowly in the sky.A.moved B. moving C. to move D. move8. The quality of finished goods and services is obviously upon the quality of the materials and parts used in producing those items.A. depend B. dependly C. dependent D. depended9.Your explanation on EOQ is , and few of us can follow you.A.unattractive B. clear C.prospective D.vague10. His request for promotion to the position of a warehouse manager was .A. turned away B. turned down C. turned over D. turned out 参考谜底剖析1-10 BC BBCDB。